Alan Dickinson

Alan Dickinson

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First Name * Alan
Last Name * Dickinson
Username * alan9000
Country * United Kingdom
City Durham
Nationality British


Current Position Artist
Areas of Expertise Games Console
Preferred Tools ZBrush3ds maxCharactersIllustrationModelingMental RayPainterPhotoshopTexturingRiggingStoryboardingMudboxXSIXBOX 360SOFTIMAGE|XSIRenderingMotionBuilder


Availability: Freelance


I have been a traditional sculptor for the past fifteen years working on many projects from life size dinosors to 1/72 scale figurines. My clients in the past have been, Disney corp, Royal Doulton, MBI, and Paramount studios.
I moved into the digital realm about 8 years ago and have worked in the video games industry for the last four years as a character artist producing two shipped PS3 and Xbox 360 titles, these were 'Prey' and 'Don kings prizefighter'
My main interests at the moment are Zbrush digital sculpting and producing cool concept work.